When I write up a review, there are aspects of the work that I try to cover, and the best reviews in my opinion cover all of these. I decided to make a checklist of aspects that need to be covered in reviews, and I thought I might as well share it. Keep in mind that these are just things I think that should be present in a review and it's not in a specific order.

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  • Premise - interesting or not?
  • How is it told - Story Execution, etc
  • Pacing - Slow, fast? How does this influence the work?
  • Themes and ideals
  • How does this make you feel, and how does the writing influence you?
  • Are there issues with writing?
  • Is it interesting? Why and how?
  • Are there plot holes? If so, cover them.
  • Is the work well written? How and why?
  • Mood and Tone of story
  • Character interactions and developments
  • Atmosphere it creates - do I feel like I am in this world?
  • If it's an adaptation - is faithful? if it's not, is it better or worse? why?


  • Is it fun? What do you like about it?
  • Is it well made? polished? Buggy?
  • Are there any issues that bother you?
  • Any really amazing aspects?
  • How does it handle?
  • Goals? Objectives?
  • Execution: how is it?
  • What does it do special; what makes it stand out from the crowd?


  • Is it "pleasing to the eye" - does it look good to you?
  • Take into account age of the work and circumstances
  • Technical: Animation, resolution etc
  • What effects?
  • Does the visuals fit with the story or what it's trying to do?
  • What does it do special; what makes it stand out from the crowd
  • Consistency and themes - mood and tone
  • changes in successive releases


  • How does it affect you?
  • Does it sound nice, "pleasing to the ear"? Why
  • How is it used - It's one thing to sound, nice another to use it well
  • how does the usage of this music effect the experience
  • What does it do special; what makes it stand out from the crowd
  • Mood and tone?
  • Themes?
  • Voice actors - how did they do?
  • Technical?
  • Changes in successive releases?


  • How did it strike a cord with me?
  • what did I personally like or dislike?
  • how did it make me feel? justify why
  • If the feelings are strong enough, then siphon into a seperate article.

Edit - On 11/15, did an very minor edit on this, bringing it up to 1.01

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