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Rockmandash12's 2014 Gift Guide

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^Thanks Morie for the photoshop :P

Hello TAYvians! This is my first time participating in TAY's secret santa, but I'm looking forward to it!


Here's what I would really like (you can get pretty much anything gaming/anime related tho):

Anime/Manga, and the respective merch if you can. I really don't have a lot of physical Anime stuff, mainly because I can't afford a lot of it. Pretty much anything I've talked about and liked is fair game. I'd really appreciate a copy of Clannad: After Story, Welcome to the NHK, and The World God Only Knows as that's what I've been saving up for.


Edit - A copy of serial experiments lain would be nice.

VN's: I talk a lot about VN's, but I only have 3 physicals: the Zero Escape series, and Steins;Gate. A physical VN would make me really really happy. Also, I still haven't gotten planetarian on steam yet, so I'd be pretty happy with that too.

Vita games: I LOVE the Vita, but I just don't have any games for it. All my games for it are PS+ games, indies, P4G or Ys. RPGs and quirky japanese games would be appreciated.


Favorite game series: Zero Escape. I'm a pretty big fan of sonic, megaman, and a ton of VN series I've gushed about.


Systems I Own: PSP, Vita, GBC, GBA, DS, 3DS, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Genesis, Dreamcast, & PS1-PS3,

Games I typically play:
I'm not really into AAA and tend to prefer japanese developed games.
I prefer handhelds
RPG (Action prefered. Nothing too grind heavy... :/)
Platformers (3D preferred)
Anything Nintendo
VN's (.... Yeah... I'm pretty sure you knew this by now)
Indie games


Shirt Size: Large

Figurines: Cool, but not a priority atm

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