Jan 22 2018

2017 was a year full of ups and downs, but at the end of the year, it’s hard to help but look back at the positives, the best of the best. This includes anime, and I thought I’d chip in my 2 cents on what I thought were the best this year, My Top anime of 2017.


Jan 15 2018

2017 was a year of turmoil for both IRL and in Anime, but there was lots of great stuff to see, especially in regards to Anime. Welcome to The AniTAY Anime Awards of 2017, where AniTAY Authors and AniTAY members pick the best of the best Anime of the year!

Oct 19 2017
A Question of Quality & Catharsis (ft. <i>Subihibi)</i>

What exactly is quality in respect to a work? Is quality how we describe execution, or is it based upon the ideas a work implements? Or, is quality a subjective take based on one’s experience? It takes a special game, a special experience to shake up one’s perception of quality, and after playing through the mind

Oct 18 2017
Rockmandash Rambles:<i> Subarashiki Hibi</i><em></em>

神ゲ(Kamige) is a controversial Japanese internet slang word that literally translates to “God game”. It’s a word used in the Visual Novel community referring to the best VNs that will never see the light of the day anywhere else outside of the holy Japan... but as the tides change in the Visual Novel industry, so do

Oct 6 2017
RockmanDash Reviews: <i>Doki Doki Literature Club</i>

I’m sure you’re looking at that picture and the name of the title and wondering why exactly am I reviewing this game, or why in the world you should care about it. It’s easy to judge something by it’s appearances, but to truly understand what makes something tick, one needs more than a cursory glance at a game.


May 5 2017
<i>Phoenix</i>: My AMD PC Build

Ever since I started getting into PCs, I had an unwavering fascination with the AMD Phenom line (the Phenom II’s in particular), which was AMD’s flagship processor line from the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. Ever since I first laid my eyes on them, I thought they had an unwavering amount of coolness to them,


Apr 3 2017

Winter is always one of my favorite seasons of anime. There’s never a lot of shows out during this season, but in every winter we get excellent shows that manage to be the best of the year, shows that make anime worth watching. This season is absolutely no exception, and here’s my list of them: Welcome to

Mar 25 2017

Experiences are ephemeral, as the relentless march of time consistently deteriorates our memories, regardless of the hopes and dreams they may cause. From the memories with loved ones to those of the games and movies we adore, these experiences do not age well, always ending up lesser than when we were in a fonder