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I love Key works as much as the next person, but unfortunately for me, that love can easily lead to fear. Hearing about the fan favorite Visual Novel Rewrite getting an adaptation is just one example of why: instead of cheering, I was praying. Adapting any work into a new medium can be hard, but Rewrite is no ordinary

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Super Paper Mario has the typical hallmarks of a 2D Mario platformer—stomp on enemies, jump over pits, and avoid obstacles—but failing carries minuscule stakes. If you fall into a pit, you only lose a single health point. The enemies are weak, by and large, and powerups and Shroom Shakes are plentiful. That it’s


6:15 PM

Fun with Fuwa FM! I was recently in a podcast with Babiker, Ashadow, Zakamutt and Jptje in a discussion of Common routes, so I might as well share it. From bashing Grisaia to arguments on the merit of common routes, it’s worth listening to if you’re interested.

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If you follow my twitter, you’d know that during the nbkz/minori panel they announced their next project, but this panel wasn’t just a launch pad for the next game, it was much more than that. On paper it was just your typial Q & A, but in reality it was a blunt and honest reminder of the state of the VN industry and



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A few months ago, Kotaro Uchikoshi announced a project that seemed to be a promise of a dream, but unfortunately this promise would become a reality to a few people. Starting on April 15th, Scrap Entertainment was bringing Uchikoshi’s Zero Escape into a reality through what they call a Real Zero Escape game, a

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What is the purpose of a Visual Novel? Is it to make you absorbed into another world, is it to engage you into an interesting narrative, or is it just to make you have a great time? There are all things that a Visual Novel should strive for, but when a work has all 3, you have a masterpiece on your hands, something

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On Tuesday, publisher Aksys Games will release Zero Time Dilemma, the third and perhaps final entry in the Zero Escape series. You probably fall into one of two camps: Either you’re breathlessly counting down the days until then, or you’ve never played Zero Escape.


12:00 AM

In 2011, when the original iPad came out, tablets were marketed as the next revolution in computing, inspired by a dream for a Post PC world. When looked at from a modern perspective, while it has definitely had it’s impact, Post PC is a dream that looks incredibly silly given that tablets themselves have become like