The TAY Beginner’s Guide to Budget PC Gaming

Gaming on PC can be expensive, as the upfront cost is rather high and upgrades can be equally as taxing on your wallet. While my other guide told you how to build the machines, there are ways to game on PC that makes it much cheaper, which this guide is here for. Welcome to my Beginner’s Guide to Budget PC Gaming.

The TAY Beginner's Guide to Gaming PC Hardware

If you’re not tech savvy or saw the massive amounts of information about PC gaming, it can be rather intimidating in comparison to consoles as it’s more technical than and has a higher upfront cost. As we get further in this generation though, PCs are proving to be a great option for gaming with better performance,…

Ace Of Diamond Seasons 1 & 2: The AniTAY Review

Eijun Sawamura is a baseball fan who’s a lefty pitcher, but he’s a bit of an oddball even when talking about lefties: he has a very bizarre moving pitch that’s impossible to catch. Scouted by the powerhouse of a school Seido to play baseball, Ace of Diamond follows Eijun and the members of the Seido baseball team as…


The Amazing Music of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as JRPGs’ common practice of utilizing sweeping compositions to accompany equally vast journeys. Trails of Cold Steel is not much different. But what’s even more striking about the latest installment in The Legend of Heroes’ series, is when its soundtrack deviates from this norm.

The Little Things That Trails in the Sky SC Does Are Just Precious

Whenever I wander into houses or businesses in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, I marvel at a specific detail—the chests which are perched on cluttered, or organized shelves. They’re parts of the scenery of an enriched world, in which sprites’ homes feel lived-in and cozy. These chests are also out of…

A Discussion About Death in Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Death. It’s a concept imposed on us that we cannot avoid, the defining conflict and attribute about humans that make us who we are, and to see this conflict unfold in front of our eyes, forced to pick a side in the decision.. it’s fascinating but horrifying at the same time, something that shakes us to our core. This…