Kimi no Na wa/Your Name's Voice Acting and The Impacts of Different Interpretations

When talking about the influences of the experience in an anime, we rarely discuss the impacts of voice acting. Everyone talks about subs vs dubs, or the quality of dubs themselves, but rarely do we discuss how these things add to our enjoyment of a show. Today, I’d like to talk about Kimi no Na wa/Your Name, a great…



Why Re:Zero's Subaru is a Flawed Character, Explained Through The Hero Complex & Fate/stay night

During this last few seasons, a little show called Re:Zero has taken the the anime community by storm, being an interesting deconstruction of the “Trapped in a Video Game”* sub genre popularized by SAO. It’s not without reason, as White Fox has created a fantastic work with Re:Zero... but it’s not without flaws, a…

Fun with Fuwa FM! I was recently in a podcast with Babiker, Ashadow, Zakamutt and Jptje in a discussion of Common routes, so I might as well share it. From bashing Grisaia to arguments on the merit of common routes, it’s worth listening to if you’re interested.